Facade Engineering

 Managing your building envelope

The facade is one of the most complex components of a building, and is responsible for the aesthetic appeal of a structure. Experience has shown that materials used within the facade have the highest risk of failure due to constant exposure to the elements and pollutants. This makes facade engineering a highly technical and complex process that relies heavily on extensive experience.

Core Project Consulting have been consulting on building facades within the commercial property sector since inception. We are engaged to provide expert, cost effective and specialist facade engineering services. We understand all facets of a building facade and we partner with our clients to meet their property needs. As well as design of new facades, our facade engineers are actively involved in due diligence facade audit reports, routine facade inspections and reports and the development of facade management systems for various commercial and residential buildings. We have developed our own content management system to help our clients track the progress of facade elements across the lifecycle of their asset.

All of our facade engineers have IRATA rope access accreditation and are experienced in facade construction methods, curtain wall design, glazing systems, sealants, facade cladding materials and remedial diagnostic building practices. We are actively engaging with the material supply chain to stay abreast of the research and development of facade cladding materials and building techniques intended to improve the performance of building facades.

Our facade engineering services:

  • Facade design and analysis
  • Facade inspection and auditing
  • Building condition assessment and life cycle analysis
  • Due diligence auditing and reporting
  • Facade remedial diagnostics
  • Facade waterproofing
  • Curtain wall glazing and sealant analysis
  • Facade cladding and material analysis