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The Façade is one the most complex components of a building and unfortunately, one of the most common sources of building failure.

Not only does it directly impact a structure’s aesthetic appeal, it is also heavily integrated with other major disciplines, playing a significant role in determining the overall value, performance, safety and sustainability of a building.

From design through to construction and maintenance, our team encompasses every specialist area of facade engineering and diagnostics to provide end-to-end, cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

With over 50 years’ combined experience and having had the privilege of working on some of Australia’s most high profile, complex builds and remedial projects, CORE’s facade specialists are one of our most highly sought-after team of experts.

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Our Services & Expertise

  • Façade design and analysis
  • Tender and Construction documentation
  • Construction phase compliance inspections, Quality Assurance and reporting
  • Façade inspection and auditing
  • Building condition assessment and life cycle analysis
  • Due diligence auditing and reporting
  • Façade waterproofing and remedial diagnostics
  • Façade glazing, cladding, sealant and material analysis
  • Façade material testing and sourcing
  • Specialists in heritage buildings and structures

Principal Office, Sydney

  • Unit 5 / 45-55 Epsom Road,
    Rosebery NSW 2018