Expert Reporting Services

Assisting the legal process with accurate, independent reporting and expert services

Core Project Consulting offers professional engineers who provide expert reports, expert evidence and expert witness services in the areas of engineering, building defects, construction defects and insurance matters. Our experts, working in conjunction with legal professionals, have had substantial success in legal disputes and have experience in all levels of court in Australia, including NCAT, Local, District, Supreme and Federal Court.

We have comprehensive knowledge of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), the Australian Standards relevant to construction and building, the Guide to Standards and Tolerances and various manufacturer’s and industry guides.

Expert Reporting Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of our reports. We achieve a high standard of reporting by following a strict quality system and applying proven formats to provide litigation compliant reports.

Evidence and Expert Witness Services

Where required, we will appear in court as the expert witness for building defect disputes.

We have a number of engineers who provide expertise in legal matters under the direction of Ian Martyn.

The services provided by our expert team include:

  • General building defect reports
  • Report for Engineering and Architectural Professional Indemnity Claims
  • Building defects assessment for Home Building Compensation Fund (HOW Insurance) Claims
  • Expert testing and reporting to be used as evidence
  • Reports in reply and Scott Schedules
  • Appearance as expert witness in court

Our key areas of expertise are:

  • General building defects
  • Waterproofing, membranes and water ingress
  •  Structural cracking and building movement
  • Acrylic and cement render
  • Masonry, including clay bricks, stone and concrete bricks and blockwork (Hebel)
  • Paint and protective coatings
  • Plastering and decorative finishes
  • Corrosion of metal
  • Fire protection and systems
  • Facade cladding and panelling systems, including AFS and Vitrapanel systems
  • Glazing and associated framework
  • Internal and external sealants for jointing and weatherproofing