The Scoreboard – April 2016


April 11, 2016



Fire Defects – what’s happening in residential construction?

A recent report by Engineers Australia identified NSW as the state with the worst building certification system in Australia with 85% of strata units being defective on completion. This title is not an achievement to put on the trophy wall and as an *article by ABC News stress, it inevitably will result in a major fire in a residential building.

See the full article here:

It is important for Strata Managers and Owners Corporations to understand that whilst building defect occurrence is common it is also a manageable process which can be controlled. Engaging suitably qualified and experienced consultants can help path the way for timely and correct defect identification, rectification and fire compliance for your building.

Core Project Consulting is able to assist in the building fire defect process with the provision of fire defect reports off the back of our general building defect reporting services. We have specialist fire engineers with the right experience to give the professional expert you need for your building.


Annual Fire Safety Statements – an independent process?

Under the requirements of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, a building owner (or building owners representative) is required to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) for the whole property to the Local Council and the NSW Fire Brigade, certifying that all installed Essential Fire Safety Measures have been inspected, have been maintained and will operate to the design standards to which they were installed.

Owners and Strata Managers rely completely on their fire contractors to assess the essential fire safety measures and self-certify that they are complaint. This creates an environment where the contractor both identify the defects and also get paid to repair them. Core Project Consulting can offer our clients independent advice as to the validity of the test results and the fair value of essential repairs required for compliance. We have a range of compliance services that create a transparent process between all parties for true 24/7 compliance and not paper compliance.

For help with your fire defects and AFSS management Core Project Consulting have tailored services, assisting strata managers and owners to achieve cost effective solutions for their building. To discuss this further or for a list of our other fire related services, please call our offices at 02 8961 3250 or visit our website and follow the contact us link for a personal phone call.


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