Structural Engineering

Analysis and design of structures

Structural engineering underpins and sustains the built environment, where structures must be safe, serviceable, durable, aesthetically pleasing and economical. Structural engineers are involved in every stage of a structure’s realisation and they play a key role in design and construction teams. Our structural engineers are involved in the engineering design and analysis of new and existing buildings and structural elements, including items where the structural integrity may affect functionality or safety.

Structural design determines the type of structure that is suitable for a particular purpose. It involves detailed calculations in accordance with the Australian Standards to ensure the integrity and strength of a structure. It is also the designer’s responsibility to ensure serviceability of a structure over its lifespan.

Our services

Core Project Consulting is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with an aim of providing our clients with solutions that are easily constructed, efficient in material use and deliver value for money. Our structural engineering team designs new structures and works in conjunction with architects and other professionals to provide the best possible engineering solutions.

We assist with projects of all sizes, from single wall removals to larger design projects. We are involved with existing buildings of varying expertise and our engineers have a comprehensive understanding of the failure modes of buildings, including poor initial design, inadequate construction materials and methods or just a lack of proper maintenance. Our experience allows us to investigate and analyse the problem to establish cause and provide our clients with suitable solutions.

We utilise industry leading design software, and 3D modelling to achieve quality and accurate designs.