Paint and Protective Coating Consulting

Coverings that are intended to provide a layer of protection from the environment


Paint and Protective Coatings

Protective coatings and paint systems are used to visually enhance and protect building materials. It is important to specify the correct product for the substrate type and building environment, to achieve the maximum durability from the coating.

Core Project Consulting have engineers that are expert in protective coatings and paint systems. We offer technical assistance in providing specifications tailored to specific projects. Our engineers are well versed in current and new coating technologies as well as established systems. We offer comprehensive services concerning the application of coatings, but we are also experts in analysing and testing existing coatings and over coating buildings or structures that were previously coated. As part of these expert services we offer:

New Surfaces

  • Individually tailored technical specifications for paint and protective coatings
  • Comprehensive scope of works and methodologies for coating systems
  • Adhesion testing and microscopic assessment
  • Thickness testing, including dry film thickness, wet film thickness and assessing the number of coats applied

Previously Coated Surfaces

  • Condition assessment of the coatings and paint, including failure analysis
  • Determination of the type of coating or paint applied (acrylic, enamel, epoxy and polyurethanes)
  • Audit of surface preparation and the ability of the surfaces to receive the coating
  • Lead paint reports
  • Remediation specification for coating repairs
  • Laboratory analysis of the coatings

Our engineers are often used as for supplying litigation compliant reports on defective coating systems or incorrect applications. Find more information regarding our litigation services here.