Hydraulic Engineering

Core hydraulic logo_RGBCore Hydraulic Consulting is a division of Core Project Consulting, specialising in Hydraulic services consultancy across all property sectors.
While hydraulic engineering could be better described as the science of fluids in motion and the interaction thereof with its surrounding environment, in the built environment this generally refers to the conveyance, storage and collection of fluids, such as water, sewage and gas.

At Core, we pride ourselves on providing unrelenting passion and industry insight to all our clients. We believe every building has a story to be told and in many instances the story has been lost or forgotten. Core endeavours to unearth the story behind each building and its applicable components to best provide engineered solutions that stand the test of time.

Our team is experienced in applying both traditional and modern plumbing practices and offer everything from basic consultations, to complete front to back solutions for all our services. Our in-house multidisciplinary and expert reporting capabilities mean we can address and advise on all aspects of building and remedial works across all building types.

Design services

  • Concept & technical design for new construction
  • Concept & technical design for remedial works
  • Stormwater management plans (DA submissions)
  • Sediment & Erosion control plans (DA submissions)
  • Tenancy Fit-out Design Compliance Reviews

Inspection services

  • Due Diligence Hydraulic Compliance Audits (AS3500 ) and Gap Analysis
  • Services condition assessment and life cycle analysis
  • Condition assessment
  • Performance testing
  • Diagnostic investigations
  • Technical inspections
  • Construction inspection reports

Construction services

  • Managing the tender process and analysing the responses
  • Preparation of the contract documentation
  • Technical specifications and detailed scope of works for tendering purposes
  • Technical supervision of the project throughout the completion of the works
  • Quality assurance inspections and advice to clients on contractors performance
  • Preparation of final defects lists prior to practical completion

Expert Defect Reporting

  • General Hydraulic defect reports
  • Report for Engineering Professional Indemnity Claims
  • Hydraulic defects assessment for Home Building Compensation Fund (HOW Insurance) Claims
  • Expert testing and reporting to be used as evidence
  • Reports in reply and Scott Schedules
  • Appearance as expert witness in court