Wentworth Point, NSW


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Year: 2017
Project Value: $402.3M

The Project:
This project is known as Sirius, a 780 lot apartment complex in Wentworth Point. Due to the complexity and difficulty with passive fire system installations, the client engaged Core to inspect the integrity of the passive fire system installation before the apartment fit out was commenced. It is critical to ensure that passive fire systems are:
- Installed in accordance with the BCA requirements (or engineered solution requirements)
- Fire resistance levels are maintained through structural adequacy, integrity and insulation
- Suitable protection on all service penetrations
- All passive fire measures meet the required standards and are correctly documented and installed

Our Process:
The critical part of the process was to ensure that any problems with the passive fire system installation were rectified whilst the sub-contractors were still on site and before the ceiling was sealed. The difficulty rectifying passive systems after the apartments are completed is that access panels aren't often installed, which creates difficulty both testing the system and rectifying any construction items.

Process notes were taken to ensure that feedback was provided directly to the sub-contractor and to educate them for the next project and improve the ongoing processes moving forward.

The Outcome:
Core were able to assist the construction team through early detection on any passive fire defects. This enabled any items not meeting the BCA to be addressed prior to installing the ceiling, which improved safety for the residents and ensured that the building was built according to the required standards.




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