Mechanical Services

Core Consulting Engineers provide Mechanical services (HVAC) to meet the ever growing need to address the challenges of sustainability, efficiency and occupant comfort levels within the changing landscape of built environments.

We understand the importance of getting the HVAC system design right, one of the more fiscally demanding services, the impact of a efficiently design HVAC system ensures maximum use of commercially lettable space as well and saving associated with lower power bills and a more efficiently performing system.

At Core we work with our clients and project teams to ascertain the requirements for their living space and to ensure we propose solutions that meet their specific demands, we do not believe in a blanket solution – that is where problems tend to develop. We believe it’s best to engage with the project team to ensure the system, is designed and performs to the maximum efficiency.

Our Mechanical engineering services include:

  • Central energy plants
  • Smoke Control Systems
  • VRF & VAV systems
  • Displacement ventilation
  • Dedicated outdoor air processing units